Electrical installation works

Elektrogreen provides all basic electrical engineering services:

  • Installation of cable rails and ducts
  • Cable channel drilling with further cutting
  • Cable laying, stitching and tying
  • Gluing of distribution boxes, switches and electrical connections into masonry or cutting into plasterboard
  • Distribution panel connection and automation installation
  • Installation and connection of hanging lamps, LED strips, recessed lamps and track lamps
  • Assembly and connection of electrical connections, switches, dimer switches and touch switches
  • Electrical system functionality coordination
  • Tests, commissioning and warranty works

The possible wire and cable types are selected according to the project requirements and circuit voltage and current requirements. It is also necessary to consider the environmental conditions, temperature fluctuations, humidity levels and the effects of other elements or factors, as this determines the material and labour requirements for the implementation of the project.

The highest safety standards are always applied to electrical installations. Elektrogreen can meet all your project needs.