Electrical installation works,
Solar panel installation,
Wind power plant equipment installation

UAB Elektrogreen – all electrical work solutions in one place.  We carry out the electrical installation works, install the solar panels and wind power plant equipment.

Our mission

We exist to be the best for our customers.

Our customers

The companies and individuals developing the real estate and green energy projects who need a contractor to deliver the highest standards of performance.

Our vision

To secure a place among the strongest international companies in the world providing the versatile, top-level, international standard services in the ship and large structure construction sectors.

Provided services

Electrical installation works

Elektrogreen provides all basic electrical engineering services from the cable laying, installation of distribution panels, installation of lighting equipment, installation of connectors and switches to adjustment, testing and commissioning of electrical system functionality. The highest safety standards are always applied to electrical installations.


Solar panel installation and connection

The investments in solar energy are growing every year. These types of projects require high qualification and experience. Elektrogreen works with companies and private clients and performs all installation and connection works of solar panels.


Wind power plant equipment installation

Elektrogreen offers the services to developers and builders of wind power projects. The company carries out the installation works of the electrical part of wind power plants from the laying of cables to the installation and connection of electrical systems.


Ship electrical engineering works

The works in the shipbuilding sector are one of the priority areas of activity of Elektrogreen. The company and its employees have accumulated extensive experience in handling the international orders.


Installed sites


Built solar panels


Different countries of the world




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